How to Apply

Participating in a program like CETP can be a challenge — you’ll travel far from home, and begin a new job in a completely foreign environment. You’ll be working alongside people who speak little or no English, and who are from a culture that may not be as similar to ours as it at first appears.

But, we think that’s part of what makes this an unforgettable experience… one from which you’ll gain as much as you give.

If you’re ready to begin a new adventure, this is the place to get started!


Application Process

All details about how to apply and what supporting documents are needed can be found in our enrollment packet.

You may review or download the CETP Information Packet from HERE

To apply:

  1. Download the Information Packet.
  2. Complete the application forms and contract, saving them again whenever you make a change.
  3. Print and mail the completed packet, contract, and a check for the enrollment fee to: CETP, 3841 NE 68th Avenue, Portland, OR 97213.

You may mail the required transcripts and other documentation separately. However, for your application to be official, you must include a check for the enrollment fee ($500). This fee is included as part of your applicable program fee, and is fully refundable up until the beginning of June.

We Accept Applications Year-Roundimg_20160511_201253945

CETP strongly recommends that you apply early for teaching placements. Even if you feel you still need to get more teaching experience, or are considering various “work abroad” programs, it is a good idea to apply to CETP well in advance so that we can begin lining up the best possible placement for you. If you choose not to come, we will refund your fees if you let us know by May 31st (November 1st for Winter Semester).  Withdrawal after the respective dates above will be assessed a cancellation fee of $1500. CETP may lower or waive the cancellation fee for reasons we deem compelling. Applicants not accepted into the program will receive a full refund of fees paid.

By applying early, you enable us to locate placement options for you that meet any special requests you may have. For instance, we recommend that you allow extra time for the placement process if:

  • you would like to be placed with or near a friend or family member
  • you would like to be placed in a specific town or region
  • you plan to bring dependents or pets with you

BUT! Before you decide “it’s too late,” email us and let us know when and where you’d like to go, and we’ll let you know what vacancies we have available. Schools contact us throughout the academic year with a sudden need for teachers.

We look forward to receiving your application! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Doctor’s Letter

An original doctor’s letter will be required for CETP to procure your work permit.

  • Your doctor’s letter MUST appear exactly as follows,  EXCEPT for substituting “John Doe” with your name:

“John Doe is in good general health, and does not have any communicable diseases. To my knowledge, there is no medical condition—to include mental illness or chemical dependency—that could undermine John Doe’s capacity to teach in a Hungarian school.”

  • The letter should be dated no sooner than 6 months before your contract begins, so you may need to send this in separately from the rest of your application packet.
  • Include a copy of your TB test results with your doctor’s letter.

Notarizing Documents


In order to process your work permit, your CETP host school will need to submit a notarized copy of your college or university diploma, and other documents, to the local labor authorities. To notarize a document, make a good quality photocopy of your original document. Then take both the original document and the photocopy to a public notary, which you can find at any bank or copy shop. Request the notary to certify that the photocopy you have is a “true and exact copy of the original.” You do not need the notary to notarize any other aspect of the document, such as the validity of the information contained in the document, or the signatures on the document. When notarizing, the notary should sign and stamp the photocopy itself, rather attaching a separate sheet with their signature and stamp. Follow the same steps for all notarizations.

Background Check

A background check is required by the Hungarian government. It may be provided by a government agency or through a private security firm. One such firm is Sentry Link. If using this service, please send a copy of the results with your application or whenever you receive it.